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Vape Life Insurance

Vaping is not smoking - Never pay tobacco rates again


​You can vape e-liquids containing nicotine just not traditional cigarettes

Life insurance underwriting profit is realized on the longevity of the individual.  Since vapor products do not produce tar and carbon monoxide, the two main killers in cigarette smoke, our underwriters recognized an opportunity to offer non-tobacco user rates to those who vape.

Reasons to have Life Insurance
Although money does not solve all problems, it certainly makes life easier.  Most people do not have $1,000,000 in savings to leave behind for their survivors.  Knowing that in the event of your death, your survivors can continue to maintain the same quality of life is a positive feeling.  There are many worries in life, with Life Insurance you will have one less.  Just ask anyone around you who has life insurance and they will tell you the same.  
No need to Procrastinate

Often those who vape decide to secure a life insurance policy realize that the cost is very high.  They commonly pass on the policy and tell themselves "I will probably quit vaping soon".  In reality that does not happen soon enough.  Through CALCO there is no need to quit vaping.  Generally, for life insurance limits past $250,000 you are required to provide blood and urine specimens.  Having said that, feel free to vape all you want.  You will not be assigned a tobacco users rate/premium if you test positive for nicotine. 

Our Focus

We serve the insurance needs of individuals who vape and vape entrepreneurs who utilize our services for their business needs.  As the only life insurance broker in the world with a sole specialty in vaping, you can be sure that we can serve you quickly and efficiently.  Our vape life insurance policy services are specifically designed for you.  

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